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Auditions for Stone Cold Murder and our 2025 Theatre Supper Plays will be

Sunday 2nd June 3pm in the Small Hall at Woodford Centre


Baggage 2 female. A One Act Play for our February 2025 Theatre Supper Evenings. Performances will be 14th and 15th February 2025

Sandra, a middle aged middle class housewife and mother of 3, faints whilst waiting for a bus, on a bench after shopping. She wakens to find that Annie, a bag lady, about her age, is going through her belongings. Thinking that she is being robbed, Sandra becomes aggressive but is mollified when Annie explains that she is only trying o find some form of identity so that she could help.
There follows a series of conversations between the two women as they wend their way to Sandra’s home, stopping off on a short cut through a cemetery. In the course of the conversations dark secrets are revealed, the nature of which brings the two women closer together.
The two eventually find a common ground with some interesting results.

SANDRA WINSFORD  50s , she is middle class and comfortably off and on the surface her well ordered life seems enviable (she could be accused of being a little smug), She is fully occupied in looking after her husband and three midult children and spends hours worrying about the trivia of life.

ANNIE LOMAX. Aged 50 to 70. She is a bag lady and could be Irish or Scottish but if done the accent must be soft and convincing. She has had a hard life and the conversation with Sandra reveals that she has been in some very dark places. She has few illusions about her fellow men and women but a surprisingly philosophical and optimistic view of her situation

Knock and Wait 3 Male 3 Female, this too is a One Act Play for our February 2025 Theatre Supper Evenigs (14th and 15th February 2025)

Head teacher of Lloyd George Juniors Clive is keen to attract wealthy upwardly mobile parents and their little offspring to his school and will do anything to persuade them!
Clive – playing age 40 – 60.  Anal headteacher of Lloyd George Juniors full of his own self importance, a dangerous blend of David Brent and Basil Fawlty with a twist of Kenneth Williams 
Mrs Jubb – playing age 40 – 60. School Secretary who has been at the school forever.  Highly inefficient and always flustered with her own brand of malapropisms.
Maxine – playing age any.  Boiler suited caretaker, tough and cynical is permanently miffed and knows everything about everyone.
Dan– playing age 20-40.  Supply teacher sporty shy and vulnerable and utterly bewildered by what is going on.
Mr and Mrs Smedley-Allens playing age 30-40.  Two small parts with a few lines.  Wealthy prospective parents looking at a school to send their little darlings to.

Stone Cold Murder (main play) Playing Dates will be 30th April -3rd May 2025 3 Male 1 Female

Newlyweds Robert and Olivia Chappell have bought a small hotel in the English Lake District, and at the end of their first season they settle down with a drink in front of a warm fire.
Their cosy evening is  is soon interrupted by the arrival of a rugged hiker seeking shelter from the snow storm outside. Unlike her husband, Olivia senses danger.
Could the stranger have anything to do with her own dark past involving a stolen diamond and a dangerous ex-boyfriend looking for revenge? Another male visitor soon appears and Olivia’s worst nightmare comes true.
A desperate fight for survival begins, shedding a very different light on all those involved while ratcheting up the suspense until the very end.

Olivia – mid 30s to mid 40s. nervous, paranoid, trying to leave her mysterious past behind.

Robert – her husband of similar age. The loving husband whose only concern is his wife – until later!!!!

Ramsay – mid to late 40s. Mysterious, a little odd. Rugged character, but is he good or bad?

Sam – 40s. An aggressive unpleasant character right from the start. He is an unpredicatable angry man with an axe to grind.

All characters are very physical, with fights, attacks and gun struggles, so be prepared!!

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