2019 Theatre Supper Evenings

It’s curtain up on 2019 and we are all set to go and looking forward to welcoming you to our Theatre Supper Evenings which will be held on 15th and 16th February 2019. The Fizz reception is at 7pm and the first course of the supper will be served at 7.30pm prompt. The bar will be open for drinks and wine orders.

We will be presenting two comedy plays, Sat Love and Chinamen all wrapped up with a glass of fizz on arrival, a delicious, hot, served two course supper followed by tea, coffee and mints. A vegetarian option will be available but only at point of ticket order, we cannot just produce one on the night so to speak. Tables seat 8 if you wish to take a full table.

Tickets are £22.50 each and Graham is standing by ready to take your booking!

You can contact him on 0161 718 1965 Thank you.

Chinamen is a fast-paced, delightfully witty farce by Michael Frayn. We are introduced to a somewhat odd married couple, a dippy husband who has a complete mental block when it comes to people’s names and his wife who is the only one of the two of them that can tell their friends apart. They decide to host a dinner party to which they have accidentally invited the most incompatible guests one could possibly imagine……….the perfect recipe for mayhem!

Sat Love is a comedy that introduces us to “He” and She”  He loves his car and his business life, but things aren’t fabulous at home, so whilst on business trips He spices up his life with excursions to extramarital assignations. Whilst driving, his Sat Nav behaves rather strangely. It becomes apparent that not only can it listen and understand his in-car telephone conversations, but its voice (‘She’) appears to have learnt some decidedly unusual words and phrases in addition to usual ‘Make a U-turn when possible‘ and ‘ You have arrived at your destination‘. Remarkably, She can also initiate phone calls and hold conversations! Join us to find out where the Sat Nav takes our errant husband.

Tickets £22.50 available from tel: 0161 718 1965

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