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It is with huge regret that we have to announce the postponement of The Magnificent Seven until April 2021. No prizes for guessing why but just for clarification it is because of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Full refunds will be made via TicketSource and by Woodford Players for those people who have paid direct by cheque / cash. TicketSource, are somewhat unsurprisingly experiencing a high volume of event cancellations, so please be patient about your refund. It will happen but just not immediately. Thank you.

It’s 1994 and the residents of SunnySide care home, a quiet residential home for the elderly, are going about their mundane routine, overseen by the anally-retentive manager, Mr Maybrick. Their invisible existence has become an accepted way of life until one day a letter arrives and a dramatic discovery prompts seven World War II veterans to reflect on their lives and their value as human beings.

As the 50th anniversary of D-Day approaches, these unsung heroes decide to journey to the beaches of Normandy one last time. However, disaster strikes in the form of a newly appointed nurse whose strict methods soon make the residents feel like they are prisoners of war. Consequently, they must  plan their greatest escape yet… to go behind enemy lines and spring themselves from the home.

There’s the formidable serial knitter Betty, an ex-Ministry Of War secretary; wheelchair-bound Brian, a former spitfire pilot; the flamboyant Ron and the forever-sleeping Sid, two ex-prisoners of the infamous Colditz; the mysterious Bletchley code breaker, Flo; and two heroes of the D-Day landings: wide boy wheeler-dealer Reg, and the secretive and withdrawn, Bill.

Join them on an unforgettable adventure of honour, love, loss, official secrets, balaclavas, biscuits and Ninja Turtles in this poignant, yet funny, play, inspired by the true story of Bernard Jordan.

“You’re never too old to be a superhero……..”

The Magnificent Seven is by Catherine O’Reilly and Tim Churchill.

Woodford Players will perform this play by arrangement with Stagescrpits Ltd.

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