Auditions for A Bunch of Amateurs will be Thursday 21st September 7.30pm at Woodford Church Annexe.

The playing dates for this cracking comedy are 25th – 28th April 2018 at Woodford Community Centre. John Lomax is in the Driector’s chair for this one and he is very much looking forward to the fun!

The character breakdown is here.

Auditions for Two One Act Plays  Bookends and A Visit from Miss Prothero will also be Thursday 21st September 7.30pm at Woodford Church Annexe

The playing dates will be 16th and 17th February 2018 at our Theatre Supper Evenings at Woodford Community Centre. Sheryl Haydock-Howorth will be Directirng.

Characater Breakdowns are as follows:

Bookends – Two male characters, elderly, Ron and Bill. Ron is self centred egotistical and brash, Bill is thoughtful, quiet and circumspect.

A Visit by Miss Prothero – Two Characters, one male and one female. Arthur Dodsworth has just retired and is contemplating his life with quiet satisfaction. So he is 65yrs+ and possibly smug.

Miss Prothero is his former secretary.  She is caustic and charmless. She could be any age but preferably middle aged.

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